Viewing the Point: Mean Streak

Well, it’s the end of an era.

After 25 years of thrills, Cedar Point has announced via Twitter, in a rather odd video, that Mean Streak will shut down this September.


While this ride is bumpy, I must say I disagree with Cedar Point’s decision to close the ride.

Mean Streak is a true wooden coaster, not a hybrid of wood and steel like Gemini. It also is one of the longest rides at Cedar Point, clocking in at 2 minutes, 45 seconds. So, while future plans for the coaster or its plot of land remain unclear for now, I still think Cedar Point should have kept Mean Streak’s history, character, and charm.

However, Cedar Point will continue with their plans and we will just have to wait and see what happens.


While the ride still stands, let’s take a look at it.

As with most coasters, the best seat on Mean Streak is the front car. This seat ensures a breathtaking western view of Lake Erie as you ascend to the top of the 161-foot hill.

After the first drop, riders learn why this coaster is so “mean.” The ride speeds through the tracks at 65 mph, twisting and turning. I like to call Mean Streak a mix between Millennium Force and Gemini because it has the wood, like Gemini, but the track is reminiscent of Millennium’s almost-inversions.

This ride is bumpy, yes, it throws you around quite a bit. But, what are you supposed to expect from a coaster with the name, “Mean Streak”?

The best thing about this coaster is its length. As I said, it is almost three minutes, allowing riders to savor each twist and, yes, bump. You begin to think that Mean Streak may never end, and you begin to wish that it wouldn’t.

Alas, though, Cedar Point no longer shares this feeling, going as far as posting a video of a crazed man hacking at the coaster’s beams with an axe. So, while you still can, go to the extreme back of the park, and give Mean Streak the love it deserves.

Cedar Point’s Mean Streak POV Video





Viewing the Point: Mean Streak

4 thoughts on “Viewing the Point: Mean Streak

  1. Rumor has it that Cedar Point is planning on putting in a mid-sized GCI wooden coaster sometime in the next few years, likely on the former Shoot the Rapids site. GCI, or Great Coasters International, is well known for designing smooth, fast, and airtime-packed classic wooden coasters, so the park won’t go super long without a good woodie. We’ll get the best of both worlds – RMC and GCI!

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  2. Ellex. says:

    Ash, I agree on all the views you’ve mentioned about Mean Streak. Yes Cedar Point has the final say about the Roller Coaster. But the # 1 thing I hope Cedar Point will not do, the RMC treatment. I would love to see GCI do the project to Mean Streak. It’s been said GCI won’t do work on mega wood coasters like Mean Streak. Well The Voyage at Holiday World is no small or mid-sized coaster. GCI did an outstanding job on Ghost Rider at Knott’s. If GCI did work on Mean Streak I would like to see the coaster get re- profiled heading up to the mid-course brake by having more low to the ground airtime hills with a very strong finish with magnetic braking and the end of the ride . Bottom line I like Mean Streak too and Do not want it to be turned into a Hybrid Coaster. The way I see it, RMC is causing the death of the True Wooden Roller Coaster.

    E. King

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    1. I totally agree with every point you made!! CP would really benefit from a GCI. It would still keep Frontier Town’s old-time theme, plus enriching the history of Cedar Point. If they keep adding bigger, faster, upside-down coasters like every other park, CP will become only a steel and cement playground, which is fine for some amusement parks, but not Cedar Point.


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